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As a freelance ceramic design artist I am involved in the design and making of one off individual, limited edition ceramic pieces. These are made using a combination of handbuilding and slip-casting techniques. The motivation behind my work is to create pieces that are both unusual and striking in terms of shape, decoration and scale. The vessel is the basis upon which to experiment with sculptural  ideas, where the 'pot' is cut into or added to and works visually from many different angles. 

The featured black and white 'MONO' range drives it's inspiration from 1960s op artists such as Bridget Riley and Victor Vassarley.


 I was interested to see how similar designs would translate to a 3-Dimensional surface and the resulting optical effect.

The use of black and white exclusively aims to draw attention to the form while highlighting positive and negative shapes, spaces and patterns.



Each vessel is glazed, hand decorated and ranges between 1-3 ft. in height.

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